About Maya – What Am I Doing On WordPress?

Hi there! My name is Maya, and I am the Queen of The Hoopoes. We are a flock with a goal of bringing the best picture quotes and wishes to the people. You can find us on our website, and most of us are active on social networks.


My official title and full name is:

Maya Quoteborn of the House Hoopoe, First of Her Name, the Unquotable, Queen of the Quotation Marks and the First Cite, Ruler of the Great Quote Collection, Breaker of Occasions and Mother of Movie Quotes.

My official biography statement says that my ancestral line dates back to King Solomon’s times. It was King Solomon himself who crowned my grand-grand-grandfather, Flowery, after he helped King Solomon survive on one of his journeys across the desert. Ever since, The Royal Hoopoe Family wears a gift from King Solomon – The Silver Hoopoe Pendant. You can find the whole biography statement here.

HoopoeQuotes is a website with over 30,000 beautifully designed picture quotes. On the website you can find, chosen for you, some of the greatest thoughts ever, spoken or written by over 500 history’s most prominent figures, including famous writers, poets, philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders, politicians, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, radio and TV personalities, movie stars, as well as modern-day Internet and other celebrities.

We also include a vast selection of wishes for almost any occasion. The most popular are Birthday wishesGood morning imagesGet well soon wishesWedding and Anniversary wishes, but also Christmas wishes and Valentine’s messages. We are sure that you can always find an appropriate wish for your friends and family here.

We believe that a day without a shred of love, inspiration and humor is nothing but a day wasted. That is why each day one member of our flock brings to you his/her favorite quotes from the categories of love quotes, inspirational quotes and funny quotes, in addition to one quote to sum up the day in our Quote of the Day section.

All our quotes and wishes come with high quality images. You can create your own Quotes Lists or browse Quotes Lists of other users, you can choose and save your favorite picture quotes, and also download high quality wallpapers (just click “download” button under the quote).

My goal here is to share the best quotes with the world. I hope you’ll like my texts.

See you around!

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