Birthday Party Planning Checklist

At HoopoeQuotes we recently updated our Happy Birthday collection of wishes. It now has over 370 Birthday wishes with images, for every person you care. You can check out the whole collection here.


Anyway, while we were preparing the images, I was also asking myself what will I do for my birthday party. It is in February, so there is not much time left to prepare. As I am a mildly OCD person, I created the checklist for birthday preparation. It seems to cover all important aspects of birthday party planning, so I decided to share it for anyone else who might needs it.

A party planning checklist will help you smoothly plan your party from beginning to end.

Here are some questions to get the wheels turning in your head… so when you do read through the party planning checklist you will have an idea of some of the things you want for your party.

  1. What’s you budget?
  2. How many guests?
  3. Are you making or buying the cake?
  4. Will it be an inside or outside party, or both?
  5. Will you be serving food, beverages, or just cake?
  6. Are you having the party at your home or at a venue?

Now these questions can be overwhelming but ultimately they can help you know what you want to plan. There are also many other quick birthday planning checklist, and you may find those quicker to use, but I always prefer detailed ones, like mine 🙂

Once you’ve printed out the part planning checklist read through it. Make immediate notes that come to you as you go down the list. Add things to it you think of and cross out things that don’t apply. This will help you begin the process, and give you some comfort in knowing what you want and don’t want at your party.

This checklist is a guide not a ‘set in stone’ list. Make it your own, tailor it for your party. Keep in mind… Lists are your friend:)

Just a note: this party planning checklist is geared toward both young and grown up birthday parties.



  1. Decide on the date.
  2. Decide on your budget.
  3. Spend time with the honored guest and decide on colors and/or theme.
  4. Decide on the amount of guest you want to entertain, or that you must invite, and make your party guest list.
  5. Make a birthday party supplies list. Keep all your lists paper clipped right behind your party planning checklist:)
  6. Decide of you are using your home, office, or venue and whether it will be inside, outside, or both.
  7. If using venue, book now.


  1. Prepare invitations: remember to put RSVP, directions if needed, and other appropriate details. Make sure you have all your potential guests phone number and address. (Address to send invite and phone number to check up if they don’t RSVP.)
  2. Decide on games you are going to play, and make a list of supplies you will need for each game.
  3. Decide if you are going to play music. Get your songs in order or cd’s together, or put songs on your shopping list. (remember…attach these list to your party planning checklist).
  4. If you are going to have a DJ or entertainer than you should book now.


  1. Send or hand out invitations.
  2. Get your supplies for the games together. Keep them all ready to go in a box or bag until day of party. It will keep things from getting misplaced or ‘little hands’ misplacing them 🙂 You will also appreciate that those aspects of the party can be crossed out.
  3. If ordering a cake do that now, better to be early than late.
  4. This is a good time to ask any family or friends to help you on the day of your party. It is good to have at least on person to be there just for you as a pair of extra hands, and also support during the party. If they can help you with parts of this party planning checklist that will help also help take some of the load off 🙂
  5. Decide on the extent of food and beverage you will be serving. Will you be going with finger food, or are you having a sit down dinner? How about a punch bowl? Carve out the details and make a list. Grocery stores do great finger food plates if you have a budget for that. If not there are plenty of easy fun finger foods out there for kids and adults 🙂


  1. If you are doing music, get your cd’s ready to go.
  2. Prepare any food that can be put together and frozen.
  3. Now is the time to get together, order, and buy all your party decorations. Have them all together and ready to use when the decorating day comes.


  1. Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed.
  2. Clean out your fridge to make room for all your party food needs.
  3. Buy all your non-perishable food and drink needs including plastic cups, plates etc.
  4. Make sure you have enough film, video tape, and batteries.
  5. Double check your party planning checklist and see what you might have missed. It helps to note when it is a completely done task 🙂


  1. Remove previously prepared food from the freezer to thaw.
  2. Pick up food and birthday cake if ordered OR decorate your cake.
  3. Start to decorate your house preferably with help 🙂
  4. Write a plan or agenda for your party. Make this for you, so you have something to refer to from time to time. Examples: Guests have drinks while waiting for everyone to arrive, then serve food before opening presents. Kids play outside until guests arrive then to games, etc. It’s your party…an activity plan will give you peace of mind 🙂
  5. Double check your party planning checklist again… any missed areas? Hopefully not 🙂


  1. Have empty liners in garbage and in eye view for the party.
  2. Put down your disposable table cloths, and put out your food if any.
  3. Finish last touches on your decorations, make sure to have a place prepared to put the gifts gifts. Having a special place to put all the gifts will add a great decorative touch to the party.
  4. Have the party bags to give out ready to go by the door for when guests leave.
  5. Pick up helium balloons.
  6. Have your party agenda available for you any time you need it.


  1. Did the party planning checklist help you out?
  2. Don’t forget to greet everyone at the door with a smile:)
  3. Don’t forget to take notes of the gifts given for thank you notes.
  4. Don’t forget to Have Fun!!! Good Luck 🙂

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